Writing prompts for landscape AI art: A comprehensive guide

Landscape art has always been a popular subject in AI art, artists can create stunning landscapes that are both realistic and imaginative. With AI, artists can experiment with different lighting, colors, and textures to create unique and beautiful landscapes.

Let’s get a better understand of how it can be generated effectively! When choosing a landscape to create AI art, several factors should be considered, including lighting and atmosphere, topography and terrain and colors and textures. Here are some keyword that you can take reference with:

Lighting and atmosphere:

  1. Sunrise/sunset
  2. Fog/mist
  3. Stormy weather

Topography and terrain:

  1. Rocky cliffs
  2. Rolling hills
  3. Deep valleys

Colors and textures:

  1. Vibrant autumn foliage
  2. Rustic barns and fences
  3. Icy blue waterfalls

Generating AI Art Prompts

AI art prompt generation is an essential step in the process of creating AI-generated art. It involves generating prompts or ideas for the AI algorithm to create a unique and personalized work of art. There are several techniques for generating AI art prompts, including keyword-based prompts, image-based prompts, and text-based prompts.

Text-based prompts involve developing prompts based on text descriptions. For example, if the prompt is “a beach at sunset,” the AI algorithm will generate a landscape that includes a beach and a sunset. The AI algorithm can analyze the text and create a unique interpretation of the landscape.

Below are prompt samples extracted from Promptify for generating landscape art while altering with different main subjects and generated with the Stablecog.

painting of “_____________” concept art by Franz Hegi, pixiv contest winner, conceptual art, anime countryside landscape, background art, distant village background

“A small village in the mountains”

“A peaceful meadow with a babbling brook”

“A vibrant city skyline at night”

Having a hard time finding the right prompts? Check out Promptify! It provides an extensive collection of prompts for AI-generated art, allowing you to produce captivating and distinctive visuals for your social media profiles.

Editing and Customizing AI Art with Visual Paradigm Online Design Tool

Visual Paradigm Online Design Tool is a powerful design tool that can be used to edit and customize AI-generated landscape art. The tool offers a range of features and capabilities, including image processing and enhancement tools, layer management, and blending options, text and shape tools, and export options and file formats.

Simply drop in your AI landscape artwork into the Visual Paradigm Online Design Tool

Use the tool to edit and customize AI-generated landscape art by adjusting colors and lighting, adding text or graphic elements

In conclusion, this guide has explored the world of AI art, focusing specifically on landscape art. It has covered how to choose a landscape, generate AI art prompts, and use AI art techniques and tools to create stunning and unique artworks. Additionally, it has provided examples of how to edit and customize AI-generated landscape art using the Visual Paradigm Online Design Tool.

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